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CGU – M6 Stage 1

CGU – M6 Stage 1

As part of the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) M6 Stage 1 Surface Works, we have been engaged by CGU to relocate the existing Ausgrid LV & HV infrastructure to suit the new road configuration at several locations including President Ave junction of Princess Highway, and West Botany Street.

We will be working on several different areas simultaneously between day-shift and night-shift to work in with the challenging traffic conditions to ensure minimal disruption to both the electrical network and the busy road network. Works commenced in April 2022 and will be completed by October 2023.

As part of the TfNSW M6 Stage 1 Tunnel works, the project requires a temporary 11kV Supply to power the tunnelling equipment as well as all the ancillary equipment. We have been engaged to investigate possible supply routes and complete the installation of the required circuit to power the site at West Botany St. The works will see Garde work closely with CGU environmental team and Community team while complete 2km of Installation.

The works involve:

  • Installation of 2x new Ausgrid Kiosks at TAFE
  • Relocation of existing underground & overhead 11kV feeders
  • Installation of a 2km, 11kV supply from Rockdale ZS to the M6 tunnel HVCs.
  • Reconfiguration of LV and street light circuits, pillars & poles