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Our operations began in 1985, and we have since continuously expanded both in business and in size. The company’s success would not have been possible without our commitment to Quality, Safety and Environment, Garde holds certification for all three major ISO Management Standards:
ISO – 9001 for Quality
ISO – 45001 for Safety
ISO – 14001 for Environment
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ISO 9001

Quality Focus

We have created a strong quality-focused culture, based on the Continual Improvement Paradigm. The core values of Garde’s quality culture are to continually increase client satisfaction, respect the worksite, maintain the company’s corporate image, and to ensure our workers have the highest level of training. We have stringent quality assurance procedures in place, and a comprehensive system of internal audits, as well as a comprehensive set of engineering tools, processes, and guidelines outlined to ensure that our services comply with all requirements. Garde acquired our certification in 1996 for ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, and we have since retained and complied with all its requirements.


  • ​The use of advanced statistical tools is one of the key aspects to Garde’s operational supremacy over our competitors.
  • Garde’s matured auditing system enables the sites to not only be audited by competent auditors, but also given scores based on the audit results. The scoring model is then used to define the key performance indicators for our operations.
  • Garde’s client feedback system uniquely quantifies and scores our client’s satisfaction level, which has invaluably supported our company in continually improving our operations.

ISO 45001

Safety Awareness

Our people are our greatest asset their safety is one of our biggest responsibilities. Our strong commitment towards safety is evident from the fact that Garde acquired our certification for ISO 45001.
We run extensive training programs, awareness sessions and risk workshops regularly, ensuring that safety awareness is embedded into our everyday operations.


  • The use of risk models to identify and assess the existing risks in any job at planning stage, the development of safe work method statements, site management plans and site travel plans to ensure that employees are aware of safest work practices.
  • Garde’s accident and incident recording system facilitates timely reporting. Our injury management system ensures that all injuries are recorded and addressed efficiently and appropriately.

ISO 14001

Environmental Commitment​

Garde is very aware of the importance of environmental sustainability in today’s world, and in an effort to help protect the environment, we have management systems in place to comply with the requirements of ISO 14001. As part of the system’s requirements, our operations are regularly monitored to identify any possible impacts or effects on the environment. A significant amount of Garde’s budget is also reserved for the procurement of all required tools and equipment to ensure that the environment surrounding our job sites remain safe and secure.


  • Extensive training about the awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is provided to all employees.
  • Construction environment management plans are developed prior to commencing major projects, in order to address key issues regarding environmental protection.
  • Waste monitoring and controlling remains one of the Garde’s strategic objectives.

Our Compliance

  •  ​Meet or exceed all legal and other regulatory requirements for the environmental management and protection. If these are insufficient, we apply standards to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Maintain awareness of our responsibility to environmental protection with our employees and sub-contractors.
  • Regularly review Garde’s operations, facilities and programs to identify, monitor and control any potential environmental risks associated with our operations. We establish environmental protection targets for continual improvement.
  • Implement systems and procedures to minimise the risk of accidental releases of any damaging material into the environment, or to minimise the impact of such releases should they occur. We control the discharge of all other waste and emissions (i.e. greenhouse gases).
  • Develop, maintain and review the company’s aspects and impacts register to ensure that any potential environmental impacts arising from our operations are timely controlled.