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Environmental Risk Policy & Procedures


Environmental Risk

Garde Services is committed to operating in a manner by which the environment remains protected and unharmed, any potential adverse impacts are minimised, and compliance with all relevant environmental legal and other requirements is ensured. In order to achieve these objectives, we ensure compliance with several standards.

Our Compliance

  •  ​Meet or exceed all legal and other regulatory requirements for the environmental management and protection. If these are insufficient, we apply standards to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Maintain awareness of our responsibility to environmental protection with our employees and sub-contractors.
  • Regularly review Garde’s operations, facilities and programs to identify, monitor and control any potential environmental risks associated with our operations. We establish environmental protection targets for continual improvement.
  • Implement systems and procedures to minimise the risk of accidental releases of any damaging material into the environment, or to minimise the impact of such releases should they occur. We control the discharge of all other waste and emissions (i.e. greenhouse gases).
  • Develop, maintain and review the company’s aspects and impacts register to ensure that any potential environmental impacts arising from our operations are timely controlled.