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Garde Services Pty Ltd is Australia’s leader in the installation of underground high voltage electricity cables.


Garde’s cable laying skills are used across a wide range of sites in Australia such as tunnels, substations, power stations, railways, urban environments and waterways. Garde’s priority is a safe, cost-effective and timely project outcome for our Clients. Garde Services has a wealth of frontline experience in tunnel and trench installation and has employed various techniques and methodologies depending on the circumstances. The company has completed installations using open trench excavations, ducted excavations, tunnels, submarine cables, pipe tunnels and pit & duct systems. It is the complete and qualified installation package and the company can perform all civil and mechanical works, including the construction of concrete reinforced jointing bays, footings, foundations as well as other related project requirements. Garde has contributed to some

of Australia’s most significant infrastructure projects for major authorities including Ausgrid, Transgrid, NSW State Rail Authority and Rail Infrastructure Corporation. The scale of work ranges from installing cables of 11,000 volts through to extra high voltage transmission cables of 330,000 volts.