Garde will develop an effective programme by providing the appropriate governance and efficient delivery processes. We will also provide the right team to deliver top programme and achieve the desired outcomes​.
In an ever changing world, success comes to those who are able to adapt, continuously strive to obtain better outcomes, deliver faster and achieve more with less.

​​”Garde can assist you to achieve your organisation’s objectives through our programme management capability’’

Our focus is on facilitating efficient delivery while continuously measuring and aligning the programme against the desired benefits. With robust and tailored processes that merge with your existing systems and a culture of continuous improvement, the programme will remain efficient and flexible to cater for the changing circumstances that may arise during the programme lifecycle.

Our Programme Management experience spans across all phases of an asset lifecycle – capital works, operations, renewals and decommissioning. It ranges from engineering intensive programmes, to valued community projects, to replenishing building stock, and to improving the operational efficiency of customer facing businesses.

​We promote collaboration and prefer to work in an integrated manner with a combined Client/Garde delivery team. In this way, both the Client and Garde team members can take ownership and pride in their respective roles and enjoy the benefits of successful programme delivery.