Our Commitment


BSI Assurance Mark 9001 14001 4801 BKeyLineGarde started its operations in 1981 and since then have continuously expanded both in business and size. The company’s success would not have been possible if the Management was unaware of the importance and the need of their Commitment towards Quality, Safety and Environment. This is the reason that the Company obtained its certification for all three major ISO Management Standards i.e. AS/NZS ISO 9001 for Quality, AS/NZS for Safety and AS/NZS ISO for Environment.

Another major reason of Garde’s success over the years has been its People. Garde seek and retain people who feel there is no compromising on excellence, and a corporate culture in which the business can grow and thrive. Heading Garde’s multi-talented team is its leadership of experienced Senior Management. Together, they know how to combine their skills and knowledge to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the Customers.



1) Quality Focus

Garde have implemented a strong Quality focused culture that is based on Continual Improvement Paradigm. Continual increasing Clients satisfaction, Aim for modernization of plant/ equipment at all times, respecting the worksites, maintaining Company’s Corporate image, taking pride in works, and ensuring that the workers have the highest level of training; are the Core values of Garde’s Quality Culture.

Our Management Systems and Processes ensure that the operations are carried out in a manner, by which, not only we exceed all our Clients expectations, but also set highest standards for Quality. Supporting these processes, we have in place stringent Quality Assurance procedures and a comprehensive system of Internal Audits. Garde have a comprehensive set of engineering tools, rules,

processes, training materials, guidelines, best practices and other supporting documents to make sure our services comply with every possible customer requirement. Garde acquired its certification in 1996 for AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and since then the Company has successfully retained and complied with all its requirements.

Highlights of Garde’s Quality System

Company operates a Management System that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.

  • Use of Advanced Statistical tools is one of the key aspects to Garde’s Operational Supremacy over its competitors.
  • Garde Auditing System is a matured system in which the sites are not only audited by Competent Auditors, but also given scores based on the audit results. The scoring model is then used to define the key performance indicators for Company’s Operations.
  • Garde Client’s Feedback system is a unique system that quantifies the Client’s satisfaction level by scoring it. The system has had a great value over the years and supported Garde in further improving its Operations.

2) Safety Awareness

As Garde believes that people are its greatest asset thus their Safety automatically becomes one of the prime responsibilities of the Company’s Top Management. Company’s strong safety focused systems ensure that prior commencing any job on site; a proper Risk Assessment is carried out and is also communicated to the working crews. Garde’s strong commitment towards Safety is also evident from the fact that the Company acquired its certification for AS/NZS 4801 in 2005.

Importance of the Occupational Health and Safety Rehabilitation is not only discussed with each employee during the Company Induction but has been made an integral part of everyone’s job description. Extensive Training Programs, Awareness Sessions and Risk Workshops are carried out with employees on regular basis ensuring that Safety awareness is embedded into the Business. Site reporting is the key input in making strategic decisions regarding Safety within the Company. Employees are encouraged to participate in hazards identification processes and to give their recommendations. Injury reporting and Return to work policies are in place to ensure that everyone gets fair opportunity.

Highlights of Garde’s Safety System

Company operates a Management System that complies with requirements of AS/NZS 4801.

  • Use of Risk Models to identify and assess the existing risks in any job at planning stage and development of Safe work method statements, Site management plans and Site Travel plans to ensure that employees are well aware of the safest practices of work.
  • Garde Injury Management System ensuring that all injuries are timely recorded and addressed in the best possible way. Return-to-Work Programs are developed for injured employees.
  • Garde’s Accident/ Incident recording system encourages employees on timely reporting and addressing the issues. Root cause analysis is carried out on all Incidents and the tools like Ishikawa diagrams are used to capture and study all contributing factors. Lessons learnt are then made part of Garde’s System.

3) Environmental Commitment

Garde is well aware of the Environmental Sustainability and its importance in Today’s World. To help protecting the environment, Garde have in place management system that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001. As part of the system’s requirements, Company’s operations are regularly monitored and reviewed to keep a check on any possible impacts that could have an affect on the Environment.

A hefty amount of Company’s budget is also reserved for the procurement of the necessary tools and equipment that are required to ensure that the surrounding environment where the Garde site crews are working remains safe and secure. Company’s Top Management commitment towards environment is also evident form the fact that extensive training regarding awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is provided to all employees.

Highlights of Company’s Environment System

  • Company operates a Management System that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14001.
  • Construction Environment Management Plans are developed prior commencing major projects to address key issues regarding environment protection.
  • Waste monitoring and controlling is one of the Garde’s Strategic Objectives.

4) Community Liaison

Stakeholders play a vital role in any Project’s outcome. Community is one of the major stakeholders in Garde’s business and can not be ignored at any cost. Garde being a responsible community member understands the importance of Community liaison and its requirements. To address this matter, Garde have implemented a Community Liaison Strategy as per which all the comments from the residents are recorded, timely actioned and reviewed. Face to face interactions with the residents are also carried out where required. Letter box drops regarding the job scope prior commencing any works is part of Garde’s Community Liaison Strategy.